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Apply For Farm Registration

The documents need to be scanned and keep it in PDF format with the file size of less than 2MB

Note: Please create the folder and keep scanned copy of following documents for use during the process
(1) Photo(s) of the applicant(s)
(2) Registered Land documents or lease documents
(3) Notarized English version of registered Land documents/Lease documents
(4) Lay out of the farm
(5) Field Map (FM Sketch) received from Mandal/Taluk Revenue office
(6) Lay out of the Effluent Treatment System (ETS-wsa for above 5 hectares)
(7) Environment Impact Assessment (EIA-wsa for above 10 hectares) Report
(8) Environment Monitoring and Management Plan (EMMP-wsa for above 40 hectares)

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