Coastal Aquaculture Authority - Meetings

The Coastal Aquaculture Authority conducts its meetings at regular intervals to discharge the functions as mandated in the Coastal Aquaculture Authority Act, 2005 and the Rules framed there under. 

The Authority has so far conducted Seventy seven Meetings, as detailed below:

Meeting Date Venue
Seventy Seventh 30th April 2024 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Seventy sixth 12th February 2024 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Seventy fifth 28th November 2023 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Seventy fourth 22nd June 2023 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Seventy third 14th March 2023 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Seventy Second 02nd December 2022 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Seventy First 22nd September 2022 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Seventeith 03th June 2022 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Sixty Nineth 14th March 2022 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Sixty Eighth 17th December 2021 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Sixty Seventh 22nd October 2021 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Special Authority Meeting 3rd September 2021 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Sixty Sixth 16th June 2021 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Sixty Fifth 09th February 2021 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Sixty Fourth 09th September 2020 Chennai,thru Video Conferencing
Sixty Third 04th July 2019 Chennai
Sixty Second 14th February 2019 Chennai
Sixty First 10th December 2018 Chennai
Sixtieth 04th September 2018 New Delhi
Fifty Nineth 10th January 2018 Chennai
Fifty Eighth 15th April 2016 Chennai
Fifty Seventh 17th February 2016 Chennai
Fifty Sixth 21st December 2015 Chennai
Fifty Fifth 30th October 2015 Chennai
Fifty Fourth 26th August 2015 Chennai
Fifty Third 24th June 2015 Chennai
Fifty Second 29th April 2015 Chennai
Fifty First 4th March 2015 Chennai
Fiftieth 19th December 2014 Chennai
Forty Nineth 17th October 2014 Chennai
Forty Eighth 26th August 2014 Chennai
Forty Seventh 27th June 2014 Chennai
Forty Sixth 29th April 2014 Chennai
Forty Fifth 27th February 2014 Chennai
Forty Fourth 27th December 2013 Chennai
Forty Third 12th November 2013 Chennai
Forty Second 10th September 2013 Chennai
Forty First 21st June 2013 Chennai
Fortieth 19th March 2013 Chennai
Thirty Nineth 04th December 2012 New Delhi
Thirty Eighth 26th September 2012 New Delhi
Thirty Seventh 31st May 2012 Chennai
Thirty Sixth 03rd January 2012 Chennai
Thirty Fifth 10th October 2011 Port Blair
Thirty Fourth 19th August 2011 Chennai
Thirty Third 24th June 2011 Chennai
Thirty Second 28th April 2011 Chennai
Thirty First 04th March 2011 Bhubaneswar
Thirtieth 07th January 2011 Chennai
Twenty Nineth 11th November 2010 Hyderabad
Twenty Eighth 17th September 2010 Chennai
Twenty Seventh 11th June 2010 Chennai
Twenty Sixth 25th March 2010 New Delhi
Twenty Fifth 09th February 2010 Chennai
Twenty Fourth 16th December 2009 Chennai
Twenty Third 13th October 2009 Chennai
Twenty Second 12th August 2009 Kochi
Twenty First 22nd May 2009 Chennai
Twentieth 20th March 2009 Chennai
Nineteenth 12th December 2008 New Delhi
Eighteenth 18th November 2008 Chennai
Seventeenth 19th September 2008 Chennai
Sixteenth 23rd July 2008 Chennai
Fifteenth 29th May 2008 Chennai
Fourteenth 14th March 2008 Chennai
Thirteenth 09th January 2008 Hyderabad
Twelfth 23rd October 2007 Chennai
Eleventh 06th August 2007 Chennai
Tenth 18th May 2007 Chennai
Ninth 28th February 2007 Hyderabad
Eighth 10th January 2007 Chennai
Seventh 22nd November 2006 Chennai
Sixth 22nd September 2006 Chennai
Fifth 28th August 2006 Chennai
Fourth 07th July 2006 Chennai
Third 16th June 2006 Kolkata
Second 27th March 2006 Chennai
First 27th January 2006 Chennai